Continuous beat-by-beat measurement of over 20 advanced hemodynamic parameters

VitalStream® is the world’s only FDA-cleared wireless, wearable continuous cardiac output (CCO) and blood pressure monitor (NIBP). It merges intuitive, user-friendly technology, with the clinical accuracy you need from an acute-care hemodynamic monitor.

More than 150 Healthcare organization use VitalStream

Use Cases

  • Non Invasive Critical Care Monitoring

  • Continuous Clinical Research Monitoring

  • Wireless Chronic Care

  • Remote Patient Monitoring

Product Overview

Clinical Studies

  • Agreement between cardiac output estimation with a wireless,

    wearable pulse decomposition analysis device and continuous thermodilution in post-cardiac surgery intensive care unit patients.

    Ashish K. Khanna, Julio O Garcia, Amit K Saha, Lynnette Harris, Martin Baruch, R. Shayn Martin

  • New continuous noninvasive finger cuff device.

    Vitalstream for cardiac output that communicates wirelessly via bluetooth or Wi-Fi

    Irwin Gratz,corresponding, Martin Baruch, Ahmed Awad, Brian McEniry, Isabel Allen, and Julia Seaman

  • Tracking of the beat-to-beat blood pressure changes by the Caretaker physiological monitor against invasive central aortic measurement

    Younghoon Kwon, Patrick L Stafford, Martin C Baruch, Sung-Hoon Kim, Yeilim Cho, Sula Mazimba, Lawrence W Gimple

  • Continuous NonInvasive Blood Pressure Monitoring of Beat-by-Beat Blood Pressure and Heart Rate using Caretaker compared with Invasive Arterial Catheter in the ICU

    Younghoon Kwon, Patrick L Stafford, Kyle Enfield, Sula Mazimba, Martin C Baruch

  • Adoption of Continuous Beat-to-Beat Nocturnal Blood Pressure Measurement in Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

    Younghoon Kwon, Martin Baruch, Sebastian Estrada, Elizabeth Harrison, Ronald Williams, Yeilim Cho, David Gerdt, Heather Bonner, Sula Mazimba, Richard Berry

  • Clinical Study Validating CareTaker BP Accuracy with Brachial Cuffs in Dialysis Patients

    Martin C. Baruch, David W. Gerdt, Virginia University Kidney Center 2015

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